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The [R]Evolution Can Not Be Televised

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Dear Lawrence,
Thank you so much for the excellent presentation you gave on “Erasing Imaginary Lines–The Illusion of Race” for the various groups attending the Smithsonian “Between Fences" exhibit, special events. People commented that you made them think when they didn't even realize they weren’t doing so. It was also stated that more people needed to hear the information.

Dolores Kluckman
Pollock Visitors / Interpretive Center Committee
I wanted to thank you again for speaking to our middle and high school students at West Central.

Both Pat and I discussed your message with our students that day. My study hall students commented how your presentation really got them thinking about what the word “race” really means. I heard my seniors expressing an interest and looking into the multi-cultural clubs at college next year. I really like the positive comments I heard the rest of the day.


JoAnn Bohl
West Central High School
Just a note to thank you for speaking at our history meeting. I have had people call me and tell me how much they enjoyed your talk and meeting you.

On the Saturday after our meeting I had a book booth at Britain. Several people stopped to tell me how much they enjoyed your talk!

You drew the largest crowd we've had in Eden. Keep up the good work.

Norma Johnson
Britton, South Dakota
Marshall county Historical Society
Dear Lawrence,
I just finished compiling the evaluations on "The Wonderful World of Vinegar". You certainly received rave reviews. I thought you might enjoy perusing the comments.

Thanks for your enlightenment.
Emily Williams-Wheeler Coordinator
F/M Communiversity Admin. Sec.
CHARIS Ecumenical Concordia College
Don't think I have to tell you what a big hit you were. Again, THANKS so very much for coming.
Dee Roberson
Executive Director
Home Wine And Beer Trade Association
Again I thank you for preparing and presenting information about African Food and Culture on April 18th for my NFSH 1111 Food and People Class. I always look forward to your presentations. I am sure that your presentation was a great eye opener to many of my students who have limited cultural experiences. Learning about cultural diversity is an important key to learning. I really appreciate your ability to enhance our students' learning.

Marilyn A. Swanson Ph.D., R.D., L.N.
Department Head and Professor
South Dakota State University
Lawrence is a great presenter and an expert in field of marketing or what we call “guerilla marketing”. We look forward to having Lawrence continue as a presenter in the Entrepreneurship I class.

In addition to the class presentations at South Dakota State University, Lawrence has been a speaker on the topic of marketing at a number of state and regional economic development conferences.

One of these conferences in which I invited Lawrence to speak was the Horizon’s Regional Entrepreneurial Showcase held earlier this year in Timber Lake, South Dakota.

The feedback for his “Viral Marketing” presentation was overwhelmingly positive. Lawrence has a unique way of presenting this topic to engross all members of the audience.

Barb Heller
SDSU Coordinator of Entrepreneurship
“In my humble opinion Lawrence Diggs’ presentation was the best one we have had all year. He was witty, smart, and very charismatic. He knows how to work well with people, all different kinds of people. He more than anyone I have seen this semester brought out his true charismatic side and displayed for us what it can do for both you and your business.”


“Diggs held many characteristics that I saw that helped him to become successful. Diggs has a creative mind that allowed him to create new ways of promotion and he also had the great ability to stand and present it.”


“Lawrence showed many things needed to be a successful entrepreneur. He showed enthusiasm, knowledge, honesty, and a very relatable personality.”


“Mr. Diggs was a great speaker and the one I enjoyed the most to date. He is very knowledgeable in many areas of life and his attitude is contagious. He kept my attention the entire speech.”


“Mr. Diggs emphasized a rather gregarious approach to social interaction. Get out of ‘’ones’ “comfort zone” and learn new skills; pay attention to new trends and buying cycles, etc. A knowledge of individual likes/dislikes and foibles is the key to this approach in assessing the market and then in successfully shaping the market. This was certainly a fascinating lecture.”


These are just a few examples representing the overall reaction of the class to Lawrence’s presentations. Lawrence is a great presenter and an expert in field of marketing or what we call “guerilla marketing”. We look forward to having Lawrence continue as a presenter in the Entrepreneurship I class.

Thank you so much for being a guest speaker for our workshop "Improving the Bottom Line -Marketing and Advertising" on Monday, November 18th. Based on the evaluations, the session was very well received and I hope you felt your time spent there was worthwhile. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to share your knowledge and experiences. It was very enjoyable and informative.

As always Your presentation was great!


Carla Schweitzer Business Consultant
Small Business Development Center
The information you shared with us certainly provided food for thought. They are a talented group of students and the more we can get them to think about non-traditional/new methods, the better off they and South Dakota will be. Your comments went a long way in accomplishing that, and hopefully they ‘ll realize that there still is a very good future for them in SD agriculture if they are willing to adapt to the environment. I especially appreciated your comments on the social factors that limit/influence their opportunities. As people trained in Animal Science, Plant Science, and Economics, we often forget the importance of that side of the equation, and what a difference in makes in why people do the things they do. It was great for both the instructors and students.

Bob Thaler
Extension Swine Specialist
South Dakota State University

We had many compliments on the breadth and depth of the presentations and discussions that were held. We are hopeful that the information you provided at the conference will serve as a catalyst to stimulate others to become actively involved in value-added developments.

Again, thank you for your important contributions to the 2003 Value-Added Conference

Bill Gibbons
, Organizing Committee
2003 Value-Added Conference
Dear Lawrence,
Thank you so much for taking time out of a hectic schedule to come and speak to our SDSU bio stress Center of excellent students on October 21. The class deals with the integrated management of agricultural resources. They are encouraged to consider techniques, applications and options that go beyond the traditional views regarding agricultural production. Your presentation, including the concept of the commercial shared use kitchen, deepened their understanding of what is possible if we don't stick to old paradigms.

In a time when the mainstream belief seems to be that the days of healthy rural communities are numbered, your passion and commitment to their survival is refreshing. Thanks again for sharing your perspective with our students.


Carol J. Cumber, PhD
Associate Prof. of Economics
Biostress Center of Excellence Faculty

South Dakota State University
Mr. Diggs,
WOW… you were great! Thanks for your informative and inspiring presentation to my honors class, on food, agriculture and society. We all learned so much from you. Your time and expertise are impressive and appreciated. Thank's again and all the best to you.

Timothy J. Nichols, Ph.D.
Dean, Honors College
South Dakota State University

As a Professor of Psychology at the University of South Dakota, I am writing to offer my highest praise for guest speaker Mr. Lawrence Diggs. I teach a course on sex role relationships that draws over 300 students each spring semester. For the past seven years, I have invited Mr. Diggs to speak to my class about the "male perspective" on sex roles in careers, relationships, and sexuality. Each year, Mr. Diggs has delivered a provocative lecture that has stimulated much discussion and new ideas among my students.

Mr. Diggs's approach is to present information about the needs, values, and vulnerabilities of men in way that defies the negative stereotypes surrounding masculinity. Simultaneously, he challenges beliefs about the weaknesses and secondary status of women in society. Mr. Diggs' subjects include physical and mental health care for men, the hazards of the male "protector" role, equality of men and women in jobs and military service, domestic violence, sexual harassment, and the need for society to support men's issues. Mr. Diggs' most recent topic for my class was the importance of men developing respect for their own sexuality.

Mr. Diggs can deliver his lectures with academic finesse or earthy humor. Elements of both styles are usually present! Typically, a few students (usually women) will take offense at Mr. Diggs' opening points and a debate will ensue. Mr. Diggs will allow the controversy to flourish as many women and men express their views. Then, he will lead the discussion toward points of reconciliation and compromise.

According to their written evaluations, nearly all of my students have a powerful and positive reaction to Mr. Diggs' presentations. The men typically write that it is deeply satisfying for them to hear someone finally "stand up" for men. Many men have declared that Mr. Diggs is the best guest speaker they have ever heard! The women often say that although they initially disagreed with Mr. Diggs, they eventually began to appreciate his points about the predicaments of men in society.

In sum, I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Lawrence Diggs as a guest speaker for audiences of any size. The attendants will most certainly gain new perspectives on age-old questions about the lives and relationships of men and women.


Cindy Struckman-Johnson,
Ph.D. Professor of Psychology
University of South Dakota

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