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The [R]Evolution Can Not Be Televised

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I believe in the Wisdom of Crowds. That is to say, all of us together know more than any single one of us. Our collective experience, knowledge and wisdom has the greatest value.

My role as a presenter is to stimulate the exchange of those ideas. It is to help the participants clarify to themselves what they think relative to what others think. Somewhere in that mix are views we can use. That is the DiggsWorld View.

The time for talking heads is over. The participants must be brought into active participation with new ideas. They must wrestle with the ideas to discover if and how they fit into their lives, otherwise it is just useless cocktail talk.

These interactive presentations prompt the participants to interactively engage in the search for solutions to life’s persistent problems that they can understand and use. They use audiovisuals to catalyze conversation. They introduce new data to stimulate participants to think outside of their boxes.

They create buzz. They animate debate. They help people figure out what they think, relative to what others think. They provoke critical thinking by raising critical issues.

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